Europe in crisis... reduced to vassal to the US via NATO




West's new cold war on Russia & China crushes EU's economic heart: German industry

NATO's new cold war on Russia and China is destroying Germany's industrial base, devastating Europe's economy, and destabilizing its politics, fueling the rise of the far-right, as neoliberal austerity policies exacerbate the ongoing recession. Ben Norton analyzes the evidence.

Cited videos:
- EU confesses ‘our prosperity was based on China & Russia’: cheap energy, low-paid labor, big market:
- German lawmaker denounces Ukraine 'proxy war' and US 'terror attack' on Nord Stream pipelines:
- How corporate profits are driving inflation, not workers' wages:

0:00 Crisis in EU's economic heart: Germany
5:04 EU admits "our prosperity was based on China and Russia"
6:51 German industry
8:09 US-NATO "vassalization" of Europe
10:09 Cheap Russian gas or expensive US LNG?
13:37 Corporations and speculators profit
17:08 Greedflation
19:08 Neoliberal austerity is back
21:24 US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
23:52 Economic war on China backfires
27:01 Rise of far-right
29:46 Germany's leftist anti-war alternative
33:01 Environmentalist policies are not the problem
34:56 Outro

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