Edgar Cayce Listening To Your Intuition (The Channel Of Your Guardian Angel)


"Intuition is the highest form of psychic ability."~Edgar Cayce

Intuition as a Channel of Guidance

Intuition is information that comes to you from Universal Intelligence or God and in this respect it is referred to as a “channel.” It guides you on your path to your highest good. The Psychic Side of IntuitionIntuition never comes randomly; there is always a purpose, a reason. Intuition is more than psychic ability. It draws a conclusion and directs your actions like a faithful guide dog who know you and knows what’s best for you. Many times, intuition guides our actions without our knowing it.

All Knowledge is Within

Cayce defined intuition as knowing from within.

We are all one. All of creation is one. There is one spirit, or energy that unites all of creation. It connects all human beings with one another and with everything else in creation. Although we may appear to one another as separate, disconnected beings, we are each extensions of the Creator’s spirit. What happens to one of us touches us all. There is a unified psychic ecology among all events in creation. God created human souls out of the Creator’s own being. Each soul is a projection of God, in the same way our thoughts and images are projections of our mind. Although each soul has its individuality, all souls are one spirit. Each soul is like a miniature universe. Like a drop of water in the ocean. Each person has intimate knowledge of all of creation. Modern science states that creation is holonomic. When you aim a laser beam at a holographic plate, the beam bounces off the plate and projects a three-dimensional picture in space. This project looks solid and as real as the actual plate. Being psychic is an inherent, natural attribute of the soul. Intuition draws upon this universal knowledge that is psychically available to the soul.

There is only one mind. This single, living reality is a universal mind that we all have in common. Mind is like the air we share. Although we each have our separate lungs to touch the air, there is only one air. Conscious Mind the lowest form of the mind, focuses on physical world each of us appears distinctly separate from one another channel of sensory information.

All subconscious minds, of both the living and the dead, are in contact with one another remembers everything from all lifetimes...stored in the Akashic Records located in the subconscious mind channel of telepathic information – gets knowledge from other people’s thoughts & experiences.
Superconscious Mind, the channel of clairvoyance gets information directly from the oneness of life, taps into the knowledge from universal mind Intuition is a superchannel, taking advantage of info coming through all the other channels.

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