Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz - On the Psychology of Dreams


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0:00 Intro
1:08 Descent into Dreamland
26:46 Charting the Unconscious
53:12 The Structure of Dreams
1:19:10 The Living Symbol
1:47:07 The Ladder to Heaven
2:11:24 The Forgotten Language
2:37:13 Epilogue – Marion on the Living Symbol
3:06:05 Introduction
3:07:01 Our Shadow Knows
3:33:13 The Devouring Mother
4:01:02 Slaying the Dragon
4:23:30 Looking Through the Moon
4:48:08 The Inner Bride
5:14:02 Epilogue – Marion on men: the feminine in men
5:26:54 Introduction
5:28:23 Hell Has No Mirrors
5:54:16 The Hanged Man
6:17:59 The Tyrant
6:42:31 Flying Through Roofs
7:07:11 The Inner Guide
7:36:10 Epilogue – Marion on women: the masculine in women
7:53:02 Introduction
7:54:12 Liberation of the Heart
8:36:55 Dreams of a Lifetime
9:04:07 The Maker of Dreams
9:30:27 Epilogue – Marion on Relationships
9:43:41 Biographies (Jung, von Franz, Fraser Boa, Marion Woodman)

About this video: Dr. phil. Marie-Louise von Franz, arguably Carl Jung's most accomplished student and collaborator, discusses the core concepts of dream interpretation in the framework of analytical psychology: common dream motifs, typical differences between men's and women's dreams, their unique challenges regarding individuation, and the role of dreams in mythology and religion around the world.

Dr. von Franz' encyclopaedic knowledge and profound insight into human nature, rounded off by her refined sense of humour all make these interviews a legendary pleasure to watch. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive and intriguing documentary on the topic you'll ever watch.

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