Describing the Indescribable: God Explained Fully! (Spirit Science)


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Have you ever wondered about the true nature of God? This special extended video of our “Describing God” episode explores the countless expressions and descriptions of God that have been explored, revered, and worshiped by endless religions throughout all of human history. Alongside this, we also naturally look at how our modern sciences today can be reconciled with these divine expressions of God.

You might recall our original video on this topic, but this new edition is a complete remake, and attempts to do the subject of God justice that was left out in the original.

Today, Patchman goes beyond the few expressions covered in the original, diving deeper into the indescribable nature of God… But can we even begin to understand the cosmic consciousness that manifests infinite perfection through all the dimensions of time and space?

Let’s find out!

~ ~ ~

By the way, if you want to learn more about the “God Eternal Within the Body”, the footage we used was courtesy of Gregg Braden, and you can watch the original HERE:

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