Could urine make our daily life better? (FULL DOCUMENTARY)


Many of us are oblivious to the fact that our first months of life were actually spent swimming in urine. Indeed, the amniotic sac is made up of 80% urine, from the fetus and on average, the fetus releases two glasses of pee per day.

During our lives, each of us will have produced 38.000 liters of urine, the equivalent of a large tanker truck. Despite the importance of this matter, urine remains taboo.

Today, we will go beyond this prohibition, release the cork, and take a wee look a tour pee that is more valuable than once thought: in medicine for healing, technology as a source of energy, raw material, and industrial fertilizers.

The opportunities of our noble liquid are now the object of many patents.

Documentary: Urine Superpowers
Directed by: Thierry Berrod & Quincy Russell
Production: Mona Lisa Production / Arte France

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