Christianity as World Religion, Free from Nationalism By Rudolf Steiner

Need to study Bible rightly and to perceive especially its artistic composition. Culmination of Old Testament in books of Maccabees and martyrdom of seven sons of widow. Mingling of Persian and Hebrew element in Zarathustra Jesus-child. Hebrew prophets as former initiates of other peoples; receivers of inspiration, not initiates in Hebrew incarnation. Development of consciousness during course of Old Testament history. Coming of Christ as fulfillment of Old Testament prophesy. John the Baptist as divine messenger, last of old prophets, forerunner of Christ. Recognition of John by Jews, recognition of Christ by super-sensible beings. Twelve apostles as reincarnated sons of Mattathias and sons of the widow. Judas Iscariot as Judas Maccabaeus and in unnamed later incarnation. Human evolution as work of art. Christianity as world religion, free from nationalism.

From "The Gospel of St. Mark (CW 139)"


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