Alan Watts - Philosophy of Nature I

Alan Watts - Philosophy of Nature I

Compare a physical globe and a political globe. The physical globe is a pretty thing with all kinds of green and brown and wiggly patterns on it. The political globe on the other hand has still got the wiggly outlines of the land, but they are all crossed over with colored patches many of which have completely straight edges. A lot of the boundary between the United States and Canada, once you get west of the Great Lakes is simply a straight line. What has that got to do with anything? With any difference between Canadians on one side of the line or Americans on the other side of the line or what have you. It’s absolutely a violation of the surface of the territory. And look at the fair city of San Francisco. It’s a lovely place but they planted on the hills of San Francisco a city pattern that was appropriate for the plains of Kansas. A gridiron. And so you get streets that go straight up and that are extremely dangerous where they should have followed the contours of the hills.

- Alan Watts - Philosophy of Nature I

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Alan Watts
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