Alan Watts - Intellectual Yoga

Alan Watts - Intellectual Yoga

The word yoga, as most of you doubtless know, is the same as our word yoke. Y-O-K-E. And the Latin word iungere, to join. Join, junction, yolk, union, all these words are basically from the same root. And so likewise when Jesus said my yoke is easy he was saying really my yoga is easy.

And then finally there is there are several others as mantra yoga Montrealer go which is the practice through chanting of humming either out loud or silently certain sounds. Which we’ve come supports for contemplation of what is in Sanskrit called Yana.

So when you allow thinking to stop. All that goes away. And you find you’re in an eternal here or now.

So yeah I’ve discovered that whatever it is that I am. Now is not something inside my head. It is just as much out there as it is in here but whatever it is I cannot get hold of it. Well that gives you the heebie jeebies you get butterflies in the stomach. Anxiety traumas and all kinds of things. But this was all explained by Shankara who the great Hindu commentator on the punish adds the great master of the non-dualistic doctrine of the universe when he said. That which knows which is in all beings the knower is never an object of its own knowledge. So that to everyone who is in quest. Of the supreme kick. The great experience. The vision of God. Whatever you want to call it liberation. When you think that you are not it. Any old guru can sell you on a method to find it. And that may not be a bad thing for him to do. Because as Blake said a fool who persists in his folly will become wise.

- Alan Watts - Intellectual Yoga

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