7 Life Lessons From Rumi (Sufism)


In this video we bring you 7 life lessons from the philosophy of Rumi. Rumi, arguably the best Sufi poet in history, has written many illustrious poems depicting love. His poems are engraved in the literature books for eternity.

So with that in mind, here are 7 important life lessons we can learn from Rumi -
01. There is something you can do better than anyone else
02. You don’t have to see the whole staircase
03. The wound is the place where the light enters you
04. The gold mine lies within you
05. Love is within you
06. Let go of judgment
07. Change yourself to change the world
I hope you enjoyed watching the video and hope these 7 Life Lessons From Rumi will add value to your life.

Sufism began some 9 centuries ago and is focused on reaching the divine - the power that created the skies, the earth, us and life as a whole, through love. It means that in Sufism, we human beings are lovers, the divine is beloved and to love the divine, we need to connect back to the essence of life and understand that we and the world are one. Sufism has given the world some of its brightest minds and poets and one of those people is known as Maulana, Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī, arguably the best Sufi poet in history. Rumi, a Persian scholar at first, then a Mystic, has written many illustrious poems depicting love and its central role as the bridge to reach the divine; poems that are engraved in the literature books for eternity. His brilliance caught the eyes of people since his childhood. His father, a famous scholar back then, had personally taken the responsibility of teaching him. He deepened his knowledge at a very young age and after the death of his father, he was destined to succeed him as a scholar. But Rumi wanted to learn more, so he connected with another brilliant teacher named Al Tarmithi and a few years later, his teacher left him because he considered that he had nothing left to teach his student, Rumi was now a complete scholar. Rumi was adored by his followers and when he held assemblies, he had a large crowd as attendees. However, life and the divine had other plans for him. In 1244, Rumi encountered Shams Tabrizi, a traveling Sufi dervish who changed his core understanding of life. Rumi became so fond of Shams that he neglected his students and his family and spent days and nights with him, all to grasp the essence of pure love and how to express it to reach the divine. Rumi turned from a Scholar to a Sufi poet who sang for love, danced in circles, which is now called Sufi whirling or the whirling dervish, and wrote poems that are still relevant today continuing to have a deep influence.

Narration/Audio Editing: Dan Mellins-Cohen

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