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Update April 2, 2001 :
all pages have been recoded to the XHTML 1.0 specifications standard.
All browsers that support that standard should not have any problems with this
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Please check if you're using the latest version of your browser,
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The below info is not relevant anymore, but we'll leave it here, for "historical purposes".

Non Internet Explorer users (Netscape, Opera etc) may experience
some layout quirks due to non-compliance with the CSS stylesheets standard..

: most stylesheets problems
have been fixed (March 21, 2001).
Now Netscape users should no longer
have any problems. Even the javascript
menu now works in Netscape.
(Everything tested with Navigator 4.73)
BUT obviously Netscape does not
recognize some special characters, and
displays a ? instead, so we'll have to edit
the whole lot once again!!